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Events | Intercultural exchange workshop24-09-11
workshop description:

Workshop on Intercultural Communication
Saturday, 24 September, 9h00-15h00 with lunch break.
Trainer: Christine Loy
Languages: English, it is possible to ask questions in Arabic or French

Many people like to travel and discover other cultures. But when people from different cultures meet, different cultural values often lead to negative judgements on each other and bring about stereotypes and prejudices.

In this workshop you will learn how cultures influence our communication, way of thinking and values. We will discuss different perceptions of behavior and the misunderstandings that might occur because of them.

The aim of this workshop is to have an understanding of cultural differences and to know better how to deal with these differences in a respectful way.

Christine Loy has been working in the international office of a German university for many years and gave workshops on intercultural communication for German and international students. She is currently working on her doctorate in Lebanon.
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